• Fuller Theological Seminary (map)
  • 135 North Oakland Avenue
  • Pasadena, CA, 91182
  • United States

Emerging Voices: Making in Exile

I will be taking part in a collaborative arts presentation featuring live music, story, painting and dance at The Fuller Brehm Center in Pasadena, CA.

We call our collective the Vessels Experience.

Being an artist involves making yourself vulnerable so other people will be vulnerable too. The heartbeat behind Vessels is about the content of a person rather than the form. Emphasizing the fractures and breaks we all have, instead of hiding or trying to disguise them.

I'll be on stage with the Vessels team including; Arianna Caligiuri (Edge Project), Jason Leith (Saddleback Visual Arts) and Marlita Hill (Kingdom Artists Initiative).

The second annual Culture Care Summit, is hosted by Fuller’s Brehm Center and led by acclaimed artist and Brehm Center Director Mako Fujimura who will be speaking at 9:45 AM.

Culture Care Summit 2017